Figli di Madre Ignota , Saturday 17.06.

A wild bunch who plays a crazy mix of Mediterranean urban music, evil polkas, mutant klezmer, breathless tarantellas. Surfy electric guitars and a generous horn section, a Balkan brass section playing with a twangy rock combo. The band is well known for the breathtaking live shows, the spontaneous after shows in the audience or with the local DJ with acoustic instruments, for the unstoppable self-irony and sparkly Italian temper.

Antenat, friday 16.06.

One of the best bands in Croatia is coming to Bukovica once again, this time with a few new members. The term "subreggae" was invented by the band itself in order to avoid complications when having to explain the combination of music styles they perform. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. This is going to be a perfect opportunity to congratulate them!

Porto Morto, sunday 18.06.

After releasing its latest music and two great concerts in Zagreb and Split, Porto Morto is coming to Bukovica! They've been compared to Haustor, a legendary Croatian band, and are certainly one of the most promising bands of the younger generation, whose music is hard to define by a single genre!


Mak Murtic (sax), Nenad Kovacic (percussion) and Danijel Hrsak (trumpet) will take us on a collective improvised musical journey based on African, Indian and Balkan rhythms. The ensemble will be expanded with further instruments and you are invited to join the musical improvisation under the leadership of these excellent musicians

Dog’s Beach, thursday 15.06.

In the spring of 2016, in Zagreb, during the third Trash Will Smash exhibition, several dogs and a few gnomes came together, used a secret language to get the Dog's Beach Machine and, with the help of its frequencies, started bending waves and melting beaches. This is going to be one of their first performances ever. Let's wish them a safe journey!


Bukovica Sessions are in session again! Rustling in the grass, bushes and sedges, perhaps in the forest, as well. This year, once again, you can find us at the bottom of the most beautiful meadow in the whole area, where we're going to play music throughout the afternoon. So, join us in our musical improvisation or make it a soundtrack to your afternoon nap.


Intiche is a musician from Wallmapu (BS. AS. Argentina) and now a resident in Berlin, Germany. His music is a very powerfull mix of native music with electronic, minimal and energetic sounds. His music makes a consistent awareness. The rhythm is also an approach to our brother and sister-protector of Pacha-mama (Mother Earth).


This Italian performer combines the passion for psychedelic bass music and the voice of the Sarangi, a rare indian bowed string instrument, searching for every possible interaction.

Smeđi Šećer

This unique vinyl DJ is coming to join us from Rijeka. Since 2007 he's been heating up dance floors with hot Funk, Soul and Dancefloor Jazz from his 45s and other obscure vinyl formats.


There's not much to say about Mile, everything is already known! He is a longtime friend of Bukovica and one of the most famous DJs in Croatia!


From hosting Baraka, a World Music radio show on Radio Student, to the Ministry of Psychedelic, organizing Chillibar and a range of different psybient parties and trance festivals, to being a resident at Mo:Dem Festival, over the last 15 years Indra has been taking us on journeys around the world and beyond with her unique fusion of vibrating ambient and warm ethno sounds.

Yves Taquet

One of the organizers of the great Goulash Disco festival is coming to Bukovica for the second time with his ethno house setlist. We were thrilled the first time round, so there was no doubt he'd be coming to visit us again!


It is hard to write something about this DJ. He adapts easily to different genres and puts silly smiles on people's faces. Those who follow him already know - Kuna is the best!


One half of the Faunovo Popoldne duo plays Disco, Funk/Breaks, House, depending on the occasion and the audience's mood. Regardless of everything, he rarely strays away from the Funk feeling!

Faunovo popoldne

This year we're welcoming the crew from Going up the Country, a Slovenian project similar to Ekodrom Festival. For a change, they're going to play Rock / Funk / Folk / Psychedelic & Chill in the afternoons.


Some know him by the name of Diego Santiago de la Palma Junior so called "El Pajarito", with the music for butterflies and their escort makes people dance all around the world for decades. He played in the most remote places from Mexico to Karojba.


DJ D-Gree (Radio 808) mmber of Croatian Funk Delegaion best known by his Afrobeat – Funk – Soul evenings in Funk Club! He is coming to Ekodrom festival once again to make a great atmosphere.

Emir Fulurija

One of the greatest promoters of the World Music scene and the editor of Izvorišta radio show is coming to Bukovica to make the woods and the meadows, the young and the old dance!


You can't find nothing in written about this man but everybody who listened to his music said he is awsome. So let's listen!


Musician, sometimes in a role of DJ or selector on Bukovica parties. Playing mostly music from the South, or North, it depends how we turn the globe. He also likes East and West. For daily session he is preparing easy-flow set with a tendency for a sunny dance!



15. - 18. 6.2017.


Croatia & Ex Yu countries


Festival ticket – 4 days - 210 kn (28 EUR)


Daily ticket:

Thursday, 15.06. - 40 kn (5 EUR)

Friday, 16.06. – 70 kn (9 EUR)

Saturday, 17.06. – 70 kn (9 EUR)

Sunday, 18.06. – 50 kn (7 EUR)


Workshops: carpentery, forest garden, TRE – 40 kn (5 EUR), traditional singing – 100 kn (13 EUR)


Additional workshops, program for kids and camping spot – free!



Other countries


Festival ticket – 4 days - 420 kn (56 EUR)


Daily ticket:

Thursday, 15.06. - 80 kn (10 EUR)

Friday, 16.06. – 140 kn (18 EUR)

Saturday, 17.06. – 140 kn (18 EUR)

Sunday, 18.06. – 100 kn (14 EUR)


Workshops: carpentery, forest garden, TRE – 80 kn (10 EUR), traditional singing – 200 kn (26 EUR)


Additional workshops, program for kids and camping spot – free!


Early Bird festival tickets available until 30.04.2017.


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