The aim of the forest botanic garden workshops is to transform the area of a young forest with wild plum trees and dense undergrowth into a source of food, a garden that will be easy to maintain, into an almost self-sufficient eco system. During the workshop we are going to learn how to recognize wild edible plants and mushrooms, natural processes of fertility, how to boost and stimulate them without any conflicts with nature. This workshop is part of the annual project called Bukovački proplanak, a set of forest gardening and carpentry workshops that have been implemented since the beginning of the spring.

Damir Šeler, a nature enthusiast, a utopist, a lecturer at permaculture design courses and workshops about wild plants, an expert in forest gardens, mushrooms, butterflies, cacti, bio water-cleaners, rocket stoves etc. Damir has worked on several eco farms and takes part in developing permaculture farms and initiatives in Croatia.

Carpentry workshop , Siniša Pocrnčić

The carpentry workshop has been a part of the festival programme from the very beginning. The participants are going to get familiar with basic carpentry tools and learn how to use them correctly. So far these workshops have resulted in the construction of a gazebo with a reciprocal roof, a large swing, a belvedere, a barn and a stage! This year's project is going to be revealed in May, but you can be sure we're going to build something again!

The workshop supervisor Siniša Pocrnčić has been active in natural building for years, using materials such as wood, clay and straw. He has built around 20 wooden houses and houses with a reciprocal roof. In addition to that, he holds workshops and lectures about natural building.

TRE - Tension & Trauma Release Exercise, Čedo Josipović

TRE - Tension & Trauma Release Exercise (TRE ®) is a series of exercises that help the body release stress, tension and trauma. In controlled conditions, TRE activates the natural physiological vibration mechanism reflex, which relieves muscle tension and calms the nervous system. The process encourages the body to regain a state of balance.

Professor of PE, a mountain climber, caving instructor, always ready to crack a joke. His mystical one-year venture to India brought about his balance of East and West, best seen in Čedo’s diverse hobbies, like types of massage: classic, sport, shiatsu, rolfing, polar therapy and osteopathy.


Traditional songs are most close to humans - everyone knows and sings them. Today, people tend to listen rather than sing. We are afraid of hearing our own voice, we don´t know how to let a song come to life through us. In this singing workshop, we are going to sing ancient songs. Through them everyone will get the opportunity to find and free their own voice, to realize how much music and life we can deliver through songs and singing.

An ethnomusicologist with a huge experience in concert performances with Svetlana Spajić´s singing group. Since 2016 she has been teaching singing in many Serbian and Croatian folklore groups. She enjoys learning how to sing traditional songs from all around the world. That way she spreads love and understanding among people from different cultural backgrounds.

Additional program:


Acro Yoga – Maja Turčić

Didgeredoo playing - Damir Sedić I Valentina Mačefat

Body percusion - Lana Veljačić

Making art instalations with a forest material – Vladimir Novak

Travel stories – Island – Nataša  Fiolica

Little massage school - Kaja Ocvirek-Krušić



Drama workshop

Drama workshop for kids and all those who feel like it. We are going to play, create and turn our fantasy into reality. The meadow is going to be our stage.

Petra Bokić is a drama educator and an eternal child.


Scientific workshop

This is an interactive science show/workshop, which presents various scientific and technological concepts in a fun way, from the Big Bang theory to hot air balloons. After this crazy and colourful show the visitors are going to have the opportunity to try out some of the fun and exciting experiments.

Filip Mužina is a physics and science enthusiast who works as a children animator and educator in interdisciplinary workshops, shows, camps and birthday parties.


Music workshop

Through singing and the sound of a thousand rattles we are going to learn a bunch of original children's songs with our experienced and playful moderator and songwriter.

Ivan Petranović is a primary school music teacher. He's also a singer-songwriter and writes songs for both kids and adults.


Rhythmic toys, Bouncing piano

A walk in the woods is going to provide us with plenty of material to make our own rhythmic instruments and percussions. We are also going to make a giant piano, which we're going to play with our bouncing feet. These instruments are going to take us on a magical journey into the world of rhythm and dance.

Josipa Granić is, among many things, a talented musician, always a cheerful teacher and a passionate traveller.



This is an educational clowning and juggling show and a good example how to teach children about the importance of recycling. The children are going to learn how to upcycle waste and reuse it as toys.

Ratko Bokić  - in his free time his biggest ambition is to be a clown. He says it makes him feel like a child, because he gets to hang out, play and have fun with kids.





Alternative local models of food purchase.


The lecture is going to present various models of establishing local partnerships between producers and consumers of healthy food that have been initiated in different parts of the world. The objective is to motivate people to think about their eating habits, as well as to offer creative solutions of healthy nourishment. The goal is to present people who produce eco food in local communities and support their work. In that way, we support local, small-scale economies and motivate people to spend their money the right way, instead of giving it to unjustly organized supermarket chains.



15. - 18. 6.2017.


Croatia & Ex Yu countries


Festival ticket – 4 days - 210 kn (28 EUR)


Daily ticket:

Thursday, 15.06. - 40 kn (5 EUR)

Friday, 16.06. – 70 kn (9 EUR)

Saturday, 17.06. – 70 kn (9 EUR)

Sunday, 18.06. – 50 kn (7 EUR)


Workshops: carpentery, forest garden, TRE – 40 kn (5 EUR), traditional singing – 100 kn (13 EUR)


Additional workshops, program for kids and camping spot – free!



Other countries


Festival ticket – 4 days - 420 kn (56 EUR)


Daily ticket:

Thursday, 15.06. - 80 kn (10 EUR)

Friday, 16.06. – 140 kn (18 EUR)

Saturday, 17.06. – 140 kn (18 EUR)

Sunday, 18.06. – 100 kn (14 EUR)


Workshops: carpentery, forest garden, TRE – 80 kn (10 EUR), traditional singing – 200 kn (26 EUR)


Additional workshops, program for kids and camping spot – free!


Early Bird festival tickets available until 30.04.2017.


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